How To Make Meetings More Productive & Less Terrible

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I listened to a Freakonomics podcast recently and I thought I’d share as it’s likely relevant to everyone here. It’s about making meetings more productive.

Some key takeaways for me

  1. Only schedule meetings for as long as it should take to solve the problem AND when the problem is solved, end the meeting!
  2. Be thoughtful in who you invite to a meeting. Does everyone need to be there, or could some of these people be informed or consulted after?
  3. Include some sort of an agenda in your meeting invite so the attendees can arrive prepared to engage in the meeting, I don’t think this needs to be super detailed, but a 1-2 sentence problem statement and a list of the questions you want answered on the call can go a long way.
  4. Have a list of what you want accomplished in the meeting so that once they’re all checked off, you can give your colleagues the rest of their time back.

What tips do you all have for making meetings more productive?

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