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With the holidays around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to post a list of online shopping recommendations of purchases we’ve made online that we’ve been particularly happy with over the last year or two. Obviously, not all of these will be applicable to everyone, but I recommend scrolling through and checking out anything that catches your eye. Please let me know what you think and add any of your own suggestions in the comments! (just a heads up, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made from links on this blog, but I wouldn’t post anything here that I haven’t actually purchased on my own and wouldn’t purchase again!).

Board Games


We got this as a gift from my mom and Alexandra’s eyes lit up with excitement. It’s now our go-to game. We keep the pieces in a bowl on the kitchen table for easy access and play… I’ll save myself some embarrassment and say “regularly”. If you’re familiar with the card game “Gin Rummy”, it’s very similar. Try to place tiles with different number/color values in either “runs” or “groups” of three or more. examples would be a red 4, blue 4, and yellow 4, or a 6, 7, 8 all in black. Whoever gets rid of all of their tiles first wins. After writing that, it doesn’t sound all that exciting, but if you’re an analytical thinker that likes math and patterns, you’ll love this game.

Azul – Summer Pavilion

My personal favorite of our common games, but Alexandra likes it a lot as well. An interesting strategy game of collecting and combining tiles of various colors. See the video review below for a better description than I can give. It takes a game or two to get the different strategies, but once you get the hang of it its a lot of fun.

Play Nine

A simple card-based game reminiscent of a game I played in college (typically accompanied by several beers) called… quite originally: “Golf”. This game adds some special cards to the deck and formalizes the rules that makes it fun for anyone. My aunt likes to make it interesting by incorporating $1 bills in creative ways. Let me know if you need ideas or post below if you have your own!


David and Goliath

I really enjoyed this book. Malcolm Gladwell explores a number of different stories where things weren’t exactly what they seemed, be it challenges or adversaries an individual faced, the means they found to overcome them, or resulting outcomes of those situations. This book touches on race, disease, upbringing, and more.


I found this book very interesting. Starting with the beginning of mankind, Harari takes you through a very fact-based history of the human race all the way up to modern day. I found the first half the most interesting, but there’s good stuff all throughout this book.

Paddle Your Own Canoe – Nick Offerman

This autobiography from Parks & Rec star (Ron Swanson) is a fun and insightful read through his life with thoughtful tidbits and words of wisdom from a guy with a good head on his shoulders and a sense of humor. You won’t regret picking this up.


An interesting book on intensely learning a new subject in a relatively short period of time. My main takeaways from this book were about how learning works and what learning strategies work or retaining knowledge long term. It helped me understand why I may read a book or listen to a podcast and then a year, month, or even week later, not remember much about it! I also got some ideas for how to improve my strategies for language learning and just trying to focus on a smaller subset of interests at a time rather than jumping around all over the place (a work in progress…).


Skinnytaste Cook Books

We’ve been cooking quite a bit and a significant number of our recipes come from this series of books. We both find a lot of recipes that are: not difficult, we both like, and are healthy! Some of our favorite recipes from these books are Chicken Saltimbocca with Spinach (Breaded chicken with prosciutto & cheese), Slow Cooker Carne Desmechada (a delicious shredded beef in a tomato-based sauce you can serve over rice or just about anything), Cubano Style Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Pork tenderloin, ham, cheese, this is one of my favs), and Slow Cooker Mexican Pork Carnitas (one of our go-to choices that is very versatile, use it for tacos or even add some BBQ sauce for a pulled pork sandwich). One & Done, Original, Fast & Slow

Basting Brushes

We only had one of these before and found ourselves always pulling it out of the dishwasher because we used it so much. Handy to have a few around.

Freshworks Produce Saver Containers

Alexandra loves these containers for keeping produce fresh in the fridge. We put spinach, carrots, peppers, berries, you name it in these and they last noticeably longer. They have the added benefit of being stackable and uniformly-shaped for a more organized fridge.

Pantry Storage Containers

These containers helped us organize and save a bunch of space in our kitchen cabinets/pantry.

Can Rack Organizer

Another simple space-saving cabinet organizing option.

Spice Rack/Organizer

This helped us organize a bunch of random spices in our cabinet in convenient space-saving way.

Rapid Egg Cooker

If you ever eat hard boiled eggs, grab one of these. No more boiling water or uncertainty if the eggs are cooked right, this cooks them quickly and right with minimal cleanup.


Portable Battery Base for Echo Dot

If you have any Alexa Echo Dots (v3), this is a battery base that you plug your dot into, then plug the charger into the base. At this point it works just like it does as a regular dot, BUT you can unplug the base at any time and take it with you anywhere. My most common use case is taking out in the back yard/patio for music while hanging out with friends, or taking it into the garage while working out there. I’ve used it for hours playing music without it running out yet.

Tablet/Phone Stand

This is a very simple stand intended for iPads, but works for phones and other devices. We initially purchased this due to the increase in Zoom calls and usage of the iPad Mini. I find myself using this a lot more than expected for watching videos while eating or whatever else.

Apple Airpods Pro

I upgraded from the original Airpods back in March. I loved the originals, but the added noise cancellation, simpler/more customizable controls, and much better battery life have made the purchase well worth it. I use mine every day for extended periods of time and highly recommend.

Mini Power Bank

This handy little power bank comes with a micro-USB and lightning adapter. The charge isn’t crazy, something like 3/4 of an iPhone charge, but enough to keep you going in situations when you know you’ll be running low on battery or travelling.

Magnetic Car Phone Mount

I bought my first one of these years ago and now I don’t like driving in a car without one. I put the thin metal slip inside my iPhone case and can easily stick my phone anywhere I have one of these mounts. They easily attach to car air vents and are pretty flexible. This pack comes with two mounts.

Amazon Eero 6 Mesh WiFi System

*UPDATE* I’ve heard good things about these wifi mesh systems and we have gotten tired of one of our TV’s constantly losing internet. I ordered a cheaper one the other day from MeshForce, but after setting it up, I realized that it uses an outdated security protocol. Not only does this mean that my iPhone gives me an annoying warning when I connect to it, but it may mean I won’t be able to connect new devices down the road, so I returned it spent the extra for WiFi 6 and the latest and greatest features that the Amazon Eero 6 has and have been very pleased with the results! We have fast internet throughout the house on all of our devices and my pc hasn’t had the same connectivity issues I had before. Something else nice, was I plugged it into our existing router so I didn’t have to switch all of our devices to the eero right away and everything kept working.


Coleman Camping/Yard Chair

Pretty straightforward option here, just a simple folding chair for backyard hangouts or camping. Comfortable, has a cupholder, 4-can cooler pouch, and storage pockets.


Non-skid Socks

I can’t resist including these as I’ve re-ordered them twice already, and as I’m writing this will likely order another set. Nice comfy socks, perfect for walking around the house (especially with hardwood floors), but also not a problem throwing shoes on.

Wrangler Jeans

I’ve re-ordered these jeans a few times now, comfortable and durable.

Office/Home Office

Standing Desk Mat

I bought this at the recommendation of my boss when my employer moved to an office with standing desks. I like the different contours and shapes of the mat that let you stretch out your feet/calves while standing.

Samsung Curved 27″ Monitor

When I bought this it was on a deal for $139. I bought a second one shortly after for $149. Now at $189, I’m not sure how great of a deal they are, but I’ve been very happy with them for my home office.

USB Docking Station

Versatile docking station that works with any USB laptop, using this dock I can connect 3 monitors to my laptop along with several accessories.

Day-of Deal Finds

23andMe Health and Ancestry Kit

I just saw the 23&Me kit is on sale. I did this a few months back and found the results pretty interesting! Includes a bunch of health indicators as well and connected me with my mom’s cousin and a first cousin that had also done the test. Pretty neat. If you’ve thought about doing it, $99 is a good deal.

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Thanks for checking out my post! Please leave your comments below if you found something you liked or feel free to post any other suggestions you have as well.

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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